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About Us

How it all began 

The land was bought about 150 years ago and today it is divided between my mother, Despina Avgerinos, who owns the section of Anadio and Ioannis Avgerinos, who has rental accommodation on the beach.  

The section of the Anadio area has been neglected for the last few years and in February 2022 I decided it was time to take action. As I firmly believe that returning to the place comes with that unbreakable bond of our past, which is full of smells and images that you don't want to erase.

The purpose was and remains the resurrection of the place from its ashes, with respect for the environment, offering a unique experience to the visitor.


For the next few years, I intend to maintain the lodge, as well as landscaping, growing aromatic plants, extracting oil and restoring the two tanks (with a capacity of approximately 60,000 liters of water) that will supply the entire field during the summer months. . Because water is precious!

The house was renovated in 2022 adding amenities that I in turn would like to find in other accommodations. 

Thank you for choosing us and we hope you enjoy your stay.


Help us 

The improvement of the space is A and Z both for us and for the guests.

However, construction costs, especially in this difficult time we live in, can be high and take some time until the required amount is collected.

Help us make the property more welcoming by completing the exterior design with tasks such as:

i. maintenance of the traditional litia that the levels are built on,

ii. planting aromatic plants

iii. extracting organic oil and

iv. restoring the two tanks that will supply water to the entire field during the summer months. 

Ask us how you can help 

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